Teacher Fund Financial Services Organise health Screening for It’s Customers

Teacher Fund (TF) Financial Service has organize a massive health screening exercise for their loyal customers as part of their 2019 customer service week celebration in Accra .

The exercise is an important opportunity for customers know more about their health status and improve their health.

Also is for customers to receive professional health counselling on how to stay health and prevent diseases .

The theme for week celebration is” Every Experience Counts”.

In an interview with the Human Resource Administrator Mrs. Edith Ekua Blankson said loosing a customer out of unusual sickness or disease is something the Financial Service want to desist from and that compel them to include health screening in their activities.

She said the customer is key and health is key in their fields of business because without good health you cannot enjoy what you have .

According to her the health screening it targeted at their customers, staff and personnel from various institutions such as the police,Military and Ghana Revenue Authority.

Customers went screening such as body Mass Index, blood pressure ,blood glucose, prostate specific antigen and Typhoid fever.

Mrs. Blankson revealed that some challenges confronting them is the fact that customer’s are not faithful to return their given loans back to the Financial Service whereby their outfit an’t confidence in given loans to customers. Also is sadden death of customer who have aquire loan and couldn’t revert it back.

Customer Service Coordinator, Mawunyo Nutsi said the rational behind the health screening came about after the sales call made or feedback colleted from customers and the need to feed them back .

According to her TF financial services acknowledges the importance of Customers and use all the tools at its disposal to nurture its current customers. The paramount among these tools is TF financial service Customer service week celebration.

She said the customer week celebration is of importance to customer and service their render to customers and people who serve and support customers on daily basis.

According to her building customer relationship is a dream of the company inasmuch as customer relationship is always on point.

Nutsi said the number of customer’s since the establishment of financial service has increase massively meanwhile the service is geared towards providing customers needs and services .

Activities outline for the year celebration include Career Day,Rep your Team(jersey),African wear day, fun Time and Health Screening.

Story by Anita Frimpong

Another four years for Akufo Addo will be hell on earth for Ghanaians-NDC Disapora

Mr Prince Barfi, National Democratic Congress (NDC) Diaspora Supporters Union, is not mincing words when it comes to Ghanaian politics. NPP government, he said that Ghana’s future hinges on drastic changes that need to happen in 2020 general elections.

“The country is a disaster,” Mr. prince Barfi, Secretary of NDC diaspora supporters Union Secretary said, noting that the Ghanaian government lead by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has failed to attract investment capital and stimulate the economy.
Ghanaians must make a change in the government now, Mr. Prince Barfi said, or the country’s future will be dire.
“It is so bad that if we got another four years of this Akufo Addo’s mess, I think you can take Ghana down to probably zero growth rate,” he said.
The issue lies with incompetence in government, he noted.
“I’d like to get rid of the anti-business tonality to our country and replace it with people that want to create jobs in Ghana, that want to attract capital,” Prince Barfi said. “So my bet is, H. E John Dramani Mahama should be voted back to the presidency to continue his good works. John Mahama was a visionary leader who is knowledgeable of modern global politics.He called on voters to compare the bad leadership style of Akufo Addo and the visionary leadership of John Mahama to make an inform choice come 2020 general elections.
Mr. Prince Barfi said that current President, nana Akufo Addo is an “old man who had no managerial history but poor leadership skills.”
“I’ll let you, as the voter, decide what the best alternative is but I’m telling you right now, anything’s better than what we’ve got in Akufo Addo” he added.Story: Seth Addi/TodayGhanaNews

Ghana’s debt stock hits 200 billion cedis

Data released by the Bank of Ghana shows that the country’s total debt stock has hit 200 billion cedis by May 2019.

The data shows that the debt stock increased by 2 billion cedis in three months from March to May.

The external component of the debt is pegged at 20.5 billion dollars while the domestic component is at 94 billion cedis.

The figures were contained in the Summary of Economic and Financial Data.

Banking Sector

In the Banking sector, Total assets of banks in the country grew to 112.8 billion cedis by July 2019 compared to 100.3 billion cedis in the same period under review.

Meanwhile, non-performing loans of banks dropped to 18.1% in July 2019 from 22.6% in July 2019.

Imports and Exports

On external sector development, Total Exports by June was at 7.99 billion dollars.

Export of Gold fetched the country 2.99 billion dollars while cocoa brought in 1.34 billion dollars in the same period.

Meanwhile, export of oil earned the country 2.2 billion dollars.

On the other hand, Total Imports was at 6.05 billion dollars by June 2019. The oil component of the import was at 1.14 billion dollars while non-oil hit 4.91 billion dollars.

Arrest of ModernGhana journalists is an Attack on Ghanaian Journalists- TodayGhanaNews Editor

The government of Ghana has been advice to desist from harassing journalists working to expose its
corrupt officials.
The publisher of TodayGhanaNews. Mr. Amoah Kwaku Addi expressed worry about the constant killings,
kidnappings, harassments and beatings of journalists in Ghana since the Akufo Addo led New Patriotic
Party (NPP) won power in 2016.
Adding his voice to the arrest and detention of two Modern Ghana journalists in Accra, Mr. Emmmanuel
Britwum and Emmanuel Akunungu Ajarfor by the orders of National Security Minister Mr. Ken Dapaah.
They two journalists has been accused of cybercrime targeting media houses and corporate
organizations. The government accused the two journalists of hacking into emails and servers of
competing websites and newsrooms and intercept stories for their own use.
The accusations according to Mr. Addi, is baseless, childish and infantile just to silence the two
journalists who are working on a story to expose the National security Minister Mr. Albert Ken Dapaah.
According to Mr. Addi, the national security outfit is just made up of brainless macho-men without any
IT expect to even prefer such baseless accusations on the two journalists.
According to Mr Addi, most of modern-day practicing journalists has expertise in hacking and
cybersecurity. Also, most of the embassies and diplomatic missions has equipment and expertise to
intercept, monitor and drop stories.
He said, it seems press freedom and journalists are under serious attack just to suppress information
flow and exposes on the evil deeds of the current government.
Since president Akufo Addo won power, 135 critical media houses has been closed down, including
Radio Gold and Radio XZY, two journalists has been killed ( Ahmed Suale and a lady in Ahafo Region),
one investigative journalist( Mennash Azzure Awuni) has been forced into exile, and one reporter in
upper west region( Emmanuel Adati) is on hiding to save his life.
Ghana has seen its lowers ranking ever on press freedom only under the administration of Akufo Addo
and his NPP administration.
Story: TodayGhanaNews

New Juabeng South MCE Donate Bikes to Agric Municipal Department

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Isaac Gyasi Appaw today 15th May, 2019 presented 14 motorbikes to the Municipal Department of Agriculture Staff, Koforidua on behalf of Government of Ghana.

The motorbikes were given to the workers to enhance their activities as government considers agriculture as the backbone and falcrum for national development.

According to the MCE, through the Canadian Support Program, ‘Modernizing Agriculture in Ghana (MAG), government has secured brand new Nissan Pick-ups for all the MMDAs which New Juaben South Municipality
has duly benefited.

He said, upon assumption of office, the Akufo Addo government has introduced several agric intervention policies such as …
~ Planting for food and jobs
~ Planting for Export and Rural Development
~ 1District 1 factory
~ 1District 1Warehouse
And many more to improve food production and positively transform the economy .

Government again has recruited over 2000 Agric Extension Agents of which our enviable Municipality has received 7 of these well trained officers.

The Municipal Agric Department through its capacity building and effective delivery of the extension officers, the department has organized training of the staff on new extension modules under the Technical Education Department of Modernized Agric in Ghana (TEDMAG)

The Municipal Chief Executive on his closing remarks admonished the beneficiaries of the motorbikes to ;
~ receive professional riding training to make sure you can ride without killing yourself
~ acquire valid DVLA license to ride
~ avoid drinking to ride
~ avoid misuse of the bike but use them for its intended purposes
~ do routine and proper maintenance and services on the bike at a designated mechanic to ensure proper functioning of it.

By Kamal Ahmed

NDC Women’s wing commiserate with Taadi kidnapped girls, Ahmed Suale widow and Awayaso victims

The National Women’s Wing of the NDC dedicates this year’s Mother’s Day Celebration to all Ghanaian mothers whose children have been kidnapped or their husbands brutalized and/or killed, as a result of the increased spate of insecurity and lawlessness under the Akufo-Addo government.

NDC women's wing pressconference

Speaking at a press conference organized by the Women’s wing of the party in Accra, Dr. Hannah Louisa Bissiw, make special reference to mothers of the three (3) kidnapped Takoradi girls: Ruth Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum and Priscilla Koranchie; the widow of investigative journalist Ahmed Suale; and the wives of the male victims of the state-sponsored brutalities during the Ayawaso West Wuogon bye-election. And also commiserate and solidarize with all of these negatively affected women, who are direct victims of a wider problem of insecurity and lawlessness facing our country today.

The Women’s Organiser said, the NDC have observed with much pain, the alarming rate of kidnapping of children across the length and breadth of Ghana in the last two (2) years. More than ever, the security and dignity of women in Ghana and especially that of our children are under threat. As the women’s wing of the National Democratic Congress, a party noted for its commitment to the welfare of women and children, we cannot gloss over the recent increased spate of kidnappings that is largely targeted at children and women in our country.

She explained that about nine (9) months ago, three (3) girls – and I mention their names again – Ruth Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum and Priscilla Koranchie were reported kidnapped in the Western Region, specifically Takoradi, leaving their parents depressed and the whole country in shock.

Amidst this storm was the resolute hope of all Ghanaians that the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection Hon. Cynthia Morrison as well as the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service headed by Mrs. Tiwaa Addo Danquah, were going to do everything possible to rescue the innocent children. Interestingly, after several months of empty assurances from the outfit of the Gender Minister and the Police CID boss, the children are still nowhere to be found.

More than a month ago, Ghanaians woke up to breaking news that the location of the kidnapped girls was known; additionally we heard of exhaustive plans to safely bring them back to expectant Ghanaians and their emotionally traumatized parents. This pledge was made when the CID boss Mrs. Tiwaa Addo Danquah addressed the nation through a press conference on the 2nd of April, 2019.

Adding to the theatrics surrounding this whole mystery is a publication in the Daily Guide, a newspaper owned by the current National Chairman of the NPP which claimed that, Ruth Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, and Priscilla Koranchie were safe in a private medical facility in the capital city Accra. The alleged news by the “Daily Guide” on the 23rd April 2019 explained that the young girls were rescued and transferred to an unknown BNI Clinic, with one of them sent to the 37 Military Hospital for medical tests. This newspaper headline was followed by a response from the Ghana Police Service which flatly denied the Daily Guide publication.

Fellow Ghanaians, the women’s wing of the National Democratic Congress is highly disappointed in the fact that, the kidnapped girls have neither been found nor has any sufficient intelligence been gathered on their whereabouts. The National Democratic Congress is saddened by the overt display of unprofessionalism by Mrs. Tiwaa Addo Danquah, which beyond exacerbating the pain of the relatives of the girls, also denigrates the professional standards of the Ghana Police Service. The irritating quirk of telling lies by the CID boss must not be encouraged or entertained by the good people of Ghana. Neither should the comedy of errors by the Akufo-Addo government on a matter of such prime national importance be tolerated for a day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what happened to Mrs. Tiwaa Addo Danquah’s stance that they indeed knew the whereabouts of the missing girls and their safety? What about recent pronouncements by the spiritual father of President Akufo-Addo, Prophet Owusu Bempah that he knows the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls but will only disclose that information at the instance of the President? Shouldn’t the CID boss and the spiritual father of the President be the subject of investigations relative to this matter?

Ladies and gentlemen, we understand the recent excitement and jubilation of President Akufo-Addo upon the unexpected victory of his English team “Tottenham Hotspurs”; yet we expect him to equally be zealous about the security and safety of the ordinary Ghanaian who voted him to power. It is our hope and belief that this year’s celebration of motherhood would be a moment of sober reflection for President Akufo-Addo, the CID boss, Mrs. Tiwaa Addo Danquah, the Minister for Gender, Children and Social protection, Hon. Cynthia Morrison on the urgent need for them to find the missing girls and reunite them with their grieving mothers and families.


Ladies and gentlemen, the women’s wing of the NDC is deeply worried about the failure of the Akufo-Addo government to resolve the gruesome murder of investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale. We wonder why till date, a prominent member of the NPP, Kennedy Agyapong, who threatened Ahmed with harm and death before his untimely murder, is still walking the streets of Ghana as a free man. If government was serious about the rule of law, Kennedy Agyapong should have been standing trial, at least for his reckless act of publicly threatening Ahmed Suale with harm and death. On this special day, our deepest sympathies go to the widow of Ahmed Suale and her children. The women’s wing of the NDC demands nothing but justice for the poor widow and her children. The blood of such an illustrious son of the land must not be spilled in vain, for his surviving wife and kids to suffer.


Also, our deepest commiserations go to the wives of the male victims of the state-sponsored AWW violence who have been neglected by the Akufo-Addo government. It is a sad fact that till date, the perpetrators of the violence, most of whom were captured on video are still walking free. The failure of the Police to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators through our criminal justice system is a glaring blot on this administration. Also, the failure of the Akufo-Addo government to publish the Emile Short Commission report and act decisively on their findings has not helped matters.


In conclusion, we submit that it is the weak leadership and insensitive posturing of President Akufo-Addo that has emboldened criminals and increased impunity in Ghana today. Indeed, what has become the norm today is for the state to rather back criminal elements and their actions, whilst trying desperately to quell and suppress critical voices of dissent.

We however wish to serve notice that, the National women’s wing of the NDC will be collecting signatures in the next 7 days for a petition to the President, the IGP, the CID Boss, the AG and other International agencies demanding for:

  1. The CID boss, Tiwaa Addo-Danquah to produce the 3 kidnapped Takoradi girls in the next 14 days or resign from office.
  2. The Police service and the Attorney General to take urgent steps to bring to book, the perpetrators of the AWW state-sponsored brutalities in the next 14 days or resign from office.
  3. The killers of Ahmed Suale and all who played a role in his murder, especially Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, be arrested, and brought to book. Kennedy Agyapong is not above the law and should be arrested and prosecuted under sections 74 and 75 of the Criminal Offenses Act of Ghana, 1960 (Act 29), for threatening Ahmed Suale with harm and death publicly in the media.

Akuffo-Addo’s Presidency is a waste of time on Ghanaians-NDC Diaspora

The Chairman of National Democratic Congress (NDC) Diaspora Supporters Union, Mr. Amoah Kwaku Addi said, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo’s presidency is nothing but a waste of time on the good people of Ghana and a dent of the future generation.

His New Patriotic Party (NPP) led government has noting or superior policies to propel Ghana to economic freedom prosperity.

He said because of the bad leadership style of Akuffo-Addo, there is total insecurity in the country, the moral of security services are at all time low, journalists are being killed and threaten, media houses and banks has closed down, market women and fishermen can no longer take care of their children.

Commercial drivers and taxi drivers living conditions are at all time low and the future of our youth are in perplexity and states of hopelessness.

Speaking at their well-attended annual Garden grill party in Hamburg Germany, Mr. Amoah said, since Akufo-Addo led NPP administration won political power, they shown nothing but incompetent, cronyism, serious corruption and vindictiveness.
He said after so many years in power, all that they (NPP) where able to do is just to inflict hardship, collapsed locally own businesses and Banks to the advantage of Chinese and other foreigner who are ready to offer them bribe.

He said, until Ghanaians use the fine opportunity in 2020 to kickout Akufo-Addo and his NPP from power, Ghana will be doom forever.
He said due to old age, Akufo-Addo cannot reason sharply to take good decision for the future generations.

He said, also due to greediness and poverty, the young family and friends’ guys around the president are seriously crabbing money and wealth instead of advising him on global trend of issues to enable him good decision for the country.
Mr. Addi called on Ghanaians in the diaspora especially NDC supporters and those who saw the good deeds of former president John Mahama and his NDC administration in just four years, to commit their resources to help him win back political power come 2020 to redeem Ghana to its right path of economic growth.

He said, the bad manner Akufo Addo and his gang of substandard appointees are running the affairs of the country, Ghanaians should be grateful to God for preserving the life of John Mahama to come back again to the presidency to redeem the image of Ghana and to make it once again the proud of Africa.
Source: Anita Frimpong/TodayGhanaNews

NYA Boss commends Gov’t for Addressing Labour Concern

As part of the May Day Celebration, Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority, Emmanuel Sin-nyet Asigri has commended Government for their enormous effort in addressing labour concerns that emerged in the country over the past years.

According to him the effort put up by government indeed brought a great reduction in civil unrests anddemonstrations especially on the labour front.

Mr. Asigri explain that the origins of May day, is a day set aside to honor the contributions of organized labour, majority of who fall within the youth and energetic bracket and who are contributing immensely to the growth and development of the labour front and the nation.

“Labour Day was instituted as a result of the proclamation to shorten the working day to 8 hours and thereby bringing some sanity, decency and respect in the world of work, this must be applauded.” He stressed.”

He said in Ghana, it in equally important to bring into focus the contributions of government and the lead agency mandated to design and regulate the youth development agenda, the National Youth Authority at promoting the wellness and welfare of workers especially young workers. Undoubtedly, the youth remain crucial to the future of trade unionism and to the strength, effectiveness and legitimacy of the labour force. It is in this light that the NYA calls upon unions and organizations to better respond in their programs and activities to the needs and expectations of young workers, make them feel welcome and eliminate obstacles that hinder their full participation in theseprograms.

Mr.Sin-nyet Asigri indicated that Government through the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations and its departments and agencies such as the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and Youth Employment Agency as well as other sister youth related bodies such as the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (NEIP) and Nation Builders Corps (NaBCO) are all working tirelessly and within their mandate at enhancing the employment generation frontier and providing decent work and working environment for Ghanaian Youth.

“I want to at this point also quote from the Ghana Labourand Forced Labour Reports that Ghana has in recent times made modest progress in the elimination of the worst forms of child labour. Government has launched the National Plan of Action for elimination of Human Trafficking in Ghana. Government also extended the Ghana School Feeding Program to include schools in refugee camps and this is also commendable.” He quotes”.

Inspite of the meaningful successes, the Authority nonetheless appreciates the fact that there still remain some issues that need to be addressed such as commercial sexual exploitation of children and the use of children for illicit activities.

He therefore enumerated on some pertinent issue which has the potential to degenerate into a national catastrophe and that is the phenomenon of illegal mining referred to as ‘galamsey’ with its attendant negative environmentalconsequences.

Mr. Asigri assured that as government is committed towards the fight and end the scourge, the National Youth Authority is also contributing its bit through the provision of alternative livelihood programs such as the “Youth livelihood Farms” project which quite recently harvested over 1,022 bags of maize from 120 acres pilot farms in the Upper West Region, the youth in street light repairs and maintenance project, in collaboration with Prefos Ltd, and the launch of the Authority`s flagship project Steps Towards Employment and Productivity (STEP) program targeting unskilled and semi-skilled youth.

He urged executives of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to expedite the review of the TUC Youth Policy to bring it up to speed with current happenings and in line with international best practices and standards.

Finally, whilst bringing to mind the theme for this year’s celebration, “Sustainable Pensions For All: The Role Of Social Partners”, let me again say congratulations to all young workers and stress for us to continually work towards enhancing the values of peace, unity, solidarity and friendship that will lead to a better, more decent, more equal fairer and more just society. These are practical realities that together we can achieve.

Story by Anita Frimpong.

Ghana at the Crossroads: Election 2020 Spells Doom

Folks, I am in my usual element to touch and hit raw nerves as far as the future of our country is concerned. Happenings over the past few years have given me to know that Election 2020 will spell doom for the country and not relieve it of its worries to move it in the direction that will satisfy the aspirations of the citizens and move it a notch higher than it has been stuck on all along.

What was it that made it difficult for previous governments to succeed that Akufo-Addo thinks he can circumvent, given the aggressiveness with which he is doing things?

Pardon me if I come across as pessimistic; but I have enough justification for being so, especially given to know the reality of happenings in this Fourth Republic, which casts gloomy shadows to forecast the terrible future awaiting the country. The very fundamental problems that doomed the first three Republics rank high in this fourth one too. So, why the holier-than-thou posture of Team Akufo-Addo?

In any case, this Fourth Republic hasn’t been able to rise above the sordidness that doomed its predecessors, which is alarming. Instead, it has carved its own image of terror, fear, calculated corruption and terrible manipulation of public conscience, which has only intensified despondency, anger, and alarm among the populace. Every Ghanaian worth the calling must be alarmed.

More terrifying is the dangerous path being toed by the Akufo-Addo government as it seeks to consolidate its hold on power by all means that it seeks to evoke and implement at Election 2020.

A lot has emerged thus far from this Akufo-Addo government for me to pick on and to isolate for comment because of the danger that it poses to Ghana’s future, especially, given the fact that its performance thus far hasn’t endeared it to the hearts of Ghanaians to warrant their overwhelming desire to retain it in power at Election 2020.

Evidence exists that various schemes are being put in place by Team Akufo-Addo to remain in power:

  1. Happenings at the Electoral Commission front:

The arm-twisting manouevres that got Mrs. Charlotte Osei out of the way to bring in their lackeys (Jean Mensa and Dr. Bossman) as praise singers and hatchet people are unquestionable. By their own public posturing and unguarded politically motivated utterances against the NDC, they are known. (All happening in the context of the bitterness harboured against Dr. Afari Gyan and Mrs. Osei by the NPP camp all these years as if putting their own lackeys in place would smooth the way for their perpetuity in power through the electoral process and he kow-towed to by Ghanaians so short-changed).

  1. Misguided utterances and manouevres by the Electoral Commission itself to endanger the electoral process:

The numerous encounters at the Inter-Party Advisory Committee sessions speak volumes toindicate the bias with which the EC is operating to the advantage of Team Akufo-Addo. Intriguingly, the NDC’s complaints (especially on the misleading EC statement that a new voters’ register would be compiled for Election 2020) have been disregarded by the EC. Much to worry about here.

  1. Underhand moves regarding the Ghana Card as the main or only item of confirmation of Ghanaian citizenship to warrant participation in the voting process. The NDC has complained about it (especially in terms of the conditions for acquiring that card) and other voices of concern have damned that move, but Team Akufo-Addo remains adamant. What for, only it knows.
  2. Creation of new regions: Of course, that move can’t be glossed over as a mere administrative necessity because it has a huge political imperative. Why wasn’t the Ashanti Region (the largest of the political administrative areas in Ghana) divided but others like the Brong-Ahafo, Volta, Northern, and Western Regions split up?
  3. Intended creation of 25 new constituencies by the EC, 17 of which are in the Ashanti region alone. Folks, nothing hinders comprehension here. Why couldn’t Akufo-Addo divide the Ashanti Region into other regions but find it political expedient to carve constituencies out of it?
  4. Extension of registration of Ghana Card bearers to Ghanaians living abroad (in a so-called move toward implementing ROPAL). This law was passed by only the NPP Majority in Parliament. The fundamentals are still murky. So, involving Ghanaians living abroad in Election 2020 speaks volumes of duplicity and intended theft of the people’s conscience.
  5. Manipulation of public conscience against Team Mahama. Clearly, Team Akufo-Addo is bothered that John Dramani Mahama still stands tall despite all that it has done and said to paint him black. Why Mahama is still the “darling boy” wherever he goes is a terrible worry to Team Akufo-Addo. What to do in desperation? Continue painting him black as they did before Elections 2012 and 2016.

In truth, the outcome of the useless election petition against Mahama stood him in the kind of light that nothing done by Team Akufo-Addo could dim. In the light of undermining him, much ado was made about nothing through huge promises to make the electorate go for Akufo-Addo at Election 2016. The outcome? Bueiiiiiiiiiiiii, which scares Akufo-Addo stiff to move the anti-Mahama campaign a notch higher into stupidity with the repeated cacophony of allegations of corruption. Meantime, Ghanaians know the truth that the positive achievements of Mahama bequeathed to Akufo-Addo can’t be sustained (Take the resurgent “Dumsor” and the spiralling Cedi-Dollar equation, for instance).

Many other sectors of national life that thrived under Mahama are fast crumbling under Akufo-Addo. Even the NPP’s own communicators have gone underground and are no more touting anything in support of Akufo-Addo because there is nothing commendable to expend energy propagating. Such a woeful administration tottering to its doom has lost steam but can’t face reality!!

  1. Subtle and terrible manouevres to promote Asante-Akim hegemony for use at Election 2020. Folks, all that happened during the celebration of the Asantehene’s 20 years on the throne has passed as a subtle attempt to mobilize forces in that regard to move Akufo-Addo on.

I monitored all that happened, including the durbar at Manhyia and the co-opting of paramount chiefs from other parts of the country to grace the occasion as if they had nothing better to do but to succumb to the Otumfuo. How many of them could attract so much attention from Akufo-Addo on their own? And they couldn’t see what was afoot? (I have more to say about this aspect later on, especially regarding the Awoamefia of Anlo and his misplaced account of history. This Patrick Abogba is a disgrace!!).

  1. The state banquet in honour of the Asantehene at the expense of the Ghanaian tax payer: How unconscionable? And the so-called strings of eulogies for the Asantehene coming from Kufuor, Rawlings, Akufo-Addo, etc.? How does the Otumfuo’s celebration of 20 years of his autocratic control of Asanteman redound to the good of the Ghanaian tax-payer to warrant this “State Banquet”?

I simply laughed off the occasion as a display of abject impunity and unconscionable stupidity.

Those paramount chiefs relishing the occasion should have done some introspection to find out whether they could be so honoured. If not, why not? Why weren’t the Akyimhene (Ofori Panin Amoatia), Daasebre Oti-Boateng (of Koforidua), or others from the Upper East/West, Brong-Ahafo (or whatever new enclaves that Akufo-Addo has torn that part of Ghana into) part of the occasion but chiefs from parts of Ghana set up as targets to be hit in expanding the NPP hegemony under the cover of chieftaincy? A huge failure awaits them here.

My conclusion? The happenings at the celebration of this anniversary fit into the orchestrated set-up to mobilize the Asante element for Election 2020 (Of course, the NPP considers the Ashanti Region as its birthplace and stronghold. So, why not consolidate its presence this way)?

  1. The emasculation of the Rawlingses and their being capitalized upon: I heard the gibberish from Rawlings and saw his wife dancing at the state banquet only to puke!! It’s clear that the Rawlingses that were the scourge of the Akufo-Addo and NPP camp have quickly re-engineered themselves to be the darling idols of the dumb Akufo-Addo camp.

Every Ghanaian who knows the history behind the enmity between the Rawlingses and the NPP, especially Kufuor and Akufo-Addo, won’t bat any eyelid in recollection. But from what has happened thus far, the picture is clear that the very corruption that made Rawlings “kill” those loved by the Danquah-Busia camp as enterprising business folks is the same glue cementing them to the Rawlingses because now, everything has been moulded into one: No corruption, where personal interests merge!!

I cry for the victims of the Rawlings “massacre” and the chiefs and people of Nsawam-Adoagyiri whose landed property is in the firm control of Nana Konadu and whose passionate appeal to Akufo-Addo for redemption has gone unheard. Are they those to retain Akufo-Addo in power?

  1. MESSAGE FOR THE NDC CAMP: Everything happening in Ghana now is orchestrated to retain Akufo-Addo in power. The political structures and the analogous institutions are primed to go that way.

Akufo-Addo has succeeded in integrating members of his various vigilante groups into the national security apparatus, which explains why he isn’t even bothered to act on the Emile Short Commission’s report regarding the Ayawaso West Wuogon mayhem, which the NDC could have benefited from.

Where to go next? The NDC must not behave like a headless chicken, running around in circles. It has all the human and material support to gore this useless NPP team where it hurts most. It must mobilize its forces and draw strength therefrom. No need to cower before this coward called Akufo-Addo.

I blame Rawlings for being a coward at the time that action was needed to snuff this Akufo-Addo out. If he had been bold to give the green light, Ghana would have been rid of his kind of nuisance. I say so on authority and will be ready to act if nudged. No regrets, no holds barred.

This Akufo-Addo menace endangers Ghana. By the next turn, he would have been clocking something close to 77 or 80 years. Ghana doesn’t need such a knuckle-head who spent 40 years seeking the Presidency, has it now, but can’t use it to solve problems. I am highly peeved!!

But many more Ghanaians are peeved. Their electoral decision will be based on living conditions and not on how much political rhetoric and empty talk goes on.

They will be quick to sift the grain from the chaff and go where they want to be in terms of who becomes their President in the next phase. In that sense, all the machinations being contemplated and put in place by Akufo-Addo won’t change the situation for as long as the voters decide where to go.

And angry outbursts from them have already indicated that they don’t want Akufo-Addo anymore. At Election 2020, they will confirm it. No libilibi-labalaba!!

Jean Mensa and her EC can go into over-drive to keep Akufo-Addo in the saddle, but the voters who know how the tide flows will throw him out of that saddle and trample on all those propping up that saddle. Huge lessons to be learnt, folks!!